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I just received my copy of your book. “Fire, Fire, Fire on the Flight Deck Aft; This Is Not A Drill”. This morning I picked it up and I have to say it’s the first time I’ve ever read the complete introduction to a book. All I can say is excellent! I hope many of the men that were on deck that day read your book and find Healing. I hope they see they really were Heroes. This tragedy could have been so much worse if not for their determination and bravery. Our fallen live on in them & family members who come after them. I said it before and I’ll say it again thank you for all you do Ken, you are a gem!


– Rosemary B.


Don’t read Ken Killmeyer’s book at night because you won’t be able to put it down and as a result, no sleep As a member of the WestPac Crew I found the book to be an absolutely great read. I learned so much I didn’t know and I was there. So many myths and stories set straight. So many unsung hero’s. It was a truly team effort to save FID and Ken’s book makes that so very clear. I am an avid reader of books on naval history and this is truly one of the very best.
Great work, Ken!!!!!!

– Frank R.


“I Couldn’t Put This Book Down” This is a factual, well researched and second – by – second eye witness account of the worst naval disaster since World War II, the USS FORRESTAL Fire that claimed lives of 134 of my shipmates, while the Super aircraft carrier USS FORRESTAL CVA-59 was conducting combat operations 60 miles off the coast of North Vietnam on Yankee Station in the Tonkin Gulf on 29 July 1967.  My shipmate and author Kenneth V. Killmeyer spent over 20 years gathering U.S Navy documents from Naval Archives in Washington D.C.  Ken interviewed and documented over 850 eyewitness accounts from Fire Survivors including FORRESTAL Ships Company enlisted & officers, Carrier Division 2, Air Wing CVW-17 Squadrons, Marine Detachment and crewman from the various ships on Yankee Station that came to FORRESTAL’s aid.  Since 1996, Ken has been the Historian of USS FORRESTAL CVA/CV/AVT-59 Association and has been the reliable source for many authors, Global TV Stations, news organizations, major films, documentaries writers & producers as well as USS FORRESTAL crewmembers & Families.  In Fire, Fire, Fire Author Ken Killmeyer puts to rest the misinformation about the Fire’s start and aftermath that has been used to blame FORRESTAL’s Westpac 67 Crew and dishonest Internet cowards that in recent years tried to smear the reputation of FORRESTAL Shipmate, Naval Aviator and Presidential Candidate the late Sen. John S. McCain.

– Paul F.


Ken Killmeyer’s new book,”Fire, Fire, Fire on the Flight Deck Aft; This Is Not a Drill”, combines the big picture and the small; the personal experiences and the official reports. If you ever served aboard an aircraft carrier, this book will return you to those days, passageways and compartments, sites, sounds, and smells, duties, shipmates, travels, adventures, and dangers. The book is as thorough and comprehensive as the NTSB’s aircraft accident investigation reports. The author’s phenomenal precision, persistence, and passion are evident and commendable.

– Dan K.


Great book on what it is like being a Sailor and your ship is in peril. The whole Navy was changed from this incident. Buy a copy and when you are finished donate to your local library. Everybody on this ship was a hero and some were recognized and some were not. Navy crews are better trained and safer from the actions of the Forrestal crew.

– Bill E.


Well I now have in my procession of “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, ON THE FLIGHT DECK AFT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL” for a week now.  I am so glad that I opted for the hard copy.  It is truly a treasure and I predict that it will popular beyond just Navy veterans.  It is a masterpiece that chronicles the actual historical events of the U.S.S. Forrestal.  You are a class person that for giving so much of your life for this endeavor.

– Tom E.


Ken Killmeyer has done our entire country a tremendous service by collecting the history of this incident. His book “FIRE FIRE ON THE FLIGHT DECK AFT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL” An inconceivable story of brave men battling raging fires and high order explosions to save their shipmates and the world’s first super aircraft carrier” was just published by  AuthorHouse. I was up till 3AM THIS MORNING reading it. That incident, is a microcosm, of all things good in the human spirit. Totally unselfish valor was everywhere. Every man Jack aboard was a hero. Ken captures that essence in every page.

– Al B.


I finished it last night. Great read. Hard read. Tears many times. You did good with a massively complex experience. You did honor to your shipmates…all of them. Be prepared for the emotions it will find in you, no matter when you served on FID, or any other carrier.

– Joseph S.


Ken, I received my copy of your book yesterday the 3rd of Aug. I wouldn’t begin to guess the amount of effort, time and emotion you expended while recalling with such detail the events of the summer of 1967 aboard Forrestal. I don’t know how this accumulation of facts and sensitive accounting of actions by so many Forrestal crewman could have been accomplished with more dignity and respect than you provided. I still have much reading to do, but I appreciate the factual manner and direct accounting of the events of 29 July 1967. I thank you for making available the stories of courage, sacrifice, heartache, and determination displayed by so many during our WEST PAC deployment. Your service to the memory and honor of our shipmates, deceased and living, is to be commended and saluted. Thank you and WELL DONE

– Ron S.


I received your book today. Wish I could stay awake to binge read all 800+ pages at one sitting. Great read. Very well done.

– Mike C.


I’m about half way through the book (I got it yesterday afternoon when I got home) and I am honored that you included my time-line in your book. You did an excellent job of compiling the time-lines of many of the men and assembling our devastating events of that day. It’s been difficult to re-live that event, but you are to be congratulated for an overwhelming job well done!

– Sam R.


Just started reading my copy! A compelling story, well researched, straightforward and factual. Thank you Ken Killmeyer.

– Dave D.


You have done a first class job describing this terrible disaster.  The story, told through the eyes of many members of the crew, humanizes the event and takes the reader back in time to 29 July 1967.

The book is a work of a lifetime.  The many hours spent assembling the information and putting the story together must be incalculable.

– Jim B.


Great book, well documented by Ken. Brought back many memories for me…

– Wayne B.


I just completed reading your magnificent book and cannot find the words to express myself to commend you for the thoroughness and diligence you undertook in compiling this story.

I have forgotten some of the many incidents that occurred during the 24 hours of General Quarters, but you brought back so many memories of the courage and dedication of our fellow shipmates! Many of the names are familiar though, and there were times when I had to hold back my emotions as I read. This is a living history which was written by a man consumed with the desire and inspiration to write this massive history book. I cannot imagine the amount of time you spent search for shipmates to hear their individual stories as to what they did and where they were.

– David R.


I’m having trouble putting this book down. I just ordered 3 more copies for friends. Bravo Zulu Ken.

– Dan S.


Congrats! I know there are many shipmates that will appreciate what you’ve accomplished.

– Eric O.


Ken, I got mine yesterday, thanks for preserving history for our kids, grandkids and family. They can now know what happened to us that day. God bless and thanks once again.

– Jimmy H.


It is a treasure. Thank you, Ken, for your time and energy.

– Ed I.


This is the most accurate accounting of what happened on 29 July 1967 and the days and months leading up to it. For many years it has been my honor to read the 134 names of my shipmates who made the ultimate sacrifice on that day at Memorial Services in many locations. After reading every word in this book I have an even better appreciation of their sacrifice, I feel as if I now know them even better. I can’t thank our historian enough for the effort he put in to this.

– Lou B.


Really good reading two thumbs up

– Clair J.


Wow Ken!! It’s riveting. I’m back there feeling all the feelings remembering all the names and faces. It’s overwhelming.
Thanks for taking the time to write it!

– Jim B.


Man your book is awesome.  It is hard to put down. Good job my man

– Daniel P.


Book is great, follows the exploits of the crew from training to combat through the fire and after on the way home. Ken makes it an interesting read, found it hard to put down.

– D. Kehrberg


Fabulous book!

– Beverly M.


I’m almost finished with your book. I cannot imagine how much research and data collection you must have put into this. It is so interesting to me because it allows us to know what our friends and shipmates were encountering on the same time line as each of us. I have learned (as we all have) about many things happening that I was not aware of. We learn the pain and horror of our shipmates and friends.

– David H.


Ken, Just got ours, very impressive, job very well done. Thank you

– Barry R.


I got your book today and can’t wait to read it. I am sure it will bring a lot of tears to me but it will be worth it. I also order another book for my kids to pass around so they can show my Grandkids so they know how their uncle died as a hero. I Couldn’t Think of a better person to write such a book.

– Tom L.


Great read, Ken, congratulation on a great effort. Should be required reading for all CVA-59 WesPac 67 sailors.

– Charles R.


Thanks for telling the story for those who were there and didn’t come back. And thanks for telling the story to those of us who were almost there.

– Oscar M.


Rich and I enjoyed this book very much. Hard for me as I learned a lot more of what happened and that was hard and sad. Very well written.

– Ginger Y.


Ken, I enjoyed reading the book and I learned many facts about the fire and how the fire was fought throughout the ship that I didn’t know.

– Cliff A.


Read your book Ken, really enjoyed.  Brought back a lot of memories, good and bad. It’s a day, 7/29/67, that those of us that were there will never forget, it still seems like it was yesterday.

– Tom B.

Fire, Fire, Fire on the Flight Deck Aft; This Is Not a Drill

Fire, Fire, Fire on the Flight Deck Aft; This Is Not a Drill